We’ve found that our kids achieve much greater things when the adult-to-student ratio is as low as possible. That means we need plenty of volunteers like you to give them the individualized attention they deserve!

Whether you’re interested in becoming a tutor, a workshop leader, a lab assistant, or another kind of helper, the process begins when you submit our online volunteer application. We’ll review your application and contact you to confirm your orientation session.

As of August 25, 2015, all new volunteers who are over the age of 18 and who have contact with minors must submit to background checks before they are allowed to volunteer. This PDF from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services answers many questions about the clearances volunteers need and the state’s Keep Kids Safe website has additional information.

All adult volunteers who plan to work with children must acquire the following certifications:

Please email or mail us copies of your completed background checks once you have them.

Once you’re an approved Spells volunteer, we’ll send you occasional emails letting you know what’s been going on at our lab, giving you additional training support, and listing upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Orientations

We'll announce new orientations and training soon! Orientations are generally held on weeknights in Center City, and we are already planning one on Drexel University's campus as well.