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Saturday, March 8
1:00–4:00 p.m.
at Moore College of Art & Design, Room 206
20th Street and the Parkway
Taught by Christina Rose and AIGA Philadelphia Graphic Design Students
Ages 7–13

What do you love about your neighborhood? What hidden gems—favorite places, experiences, people, and foods—can be found where you live? What makes your community unique and special? How does living in Philadelphia inspire you? No matter what the size or location, we all feel a sense of pride and love for our neighborhoods. With help from Spells Writing Lab volunteers and graphic design college students from around the city, you can put your feelings about Philadelphia on paper, creating a collage and supporting poem expressing your love for YOUR Philly.

Spells Writing Lab is partnering with AIGA Philadelphia for the fourth time to celebrate the special neighborhoods of our city. AIGA Philadelphia is a local organization comprised of creatives such as graphic designers, illustrators, educators, etc. During this workshop held at Moore College of Art & Design, participants will have the opportunity to see how professionally trained creatives work. After the workshop, graphic design students will work together to design a larger project or display that features all the pieces created in this workshop.

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