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with Quizmaster Johnny Goodtimes

All proceeds to benefit Spells Writing Lab

Monday, September 27, 2010
6:30 p.m.
at MarBar, 40th and Walnut Streets

Gather your team of up to eight trivia buffs and compete in four rounds of fierce Quizzo action. Maximize your team’s score by trading in the money your team raises for Spells to earn officially allowed cheats.

Why? To support writing and tutoring programs for Philly’s kids. To win gift certificates to local eating and drinking establishments. To become Philly’s Inaugural Cheating Quizzo Champs and feel smarter than everyone else.

Here’s how: email fundraising@phillyspells.org with your TEAM NAME, PLAYER NAMES, and TEAM FUNDRAISING GOAL. The registration fee is $20 per team (that’s only $2.50 per person for a full team!)

Once your team has been signed up, enlist your friends & family & complete strangers to click over to http://phillyspells.org/quizzo and donate money to the team of their choice. At the beginning of the Quizzo event, teams will use the money they raised to buy cheats they can use in an attempt to improve their score.

Marathon will be offering drink specials and donating 10% of bar proceeds from the event to Spells.

Each team may have up to 8 players.
Teams are encouraged to dress like a team at the event (i.e. costumes are a plus!)
Cheats will be bought at the event, as teams check in. Each cheat purchased may only be used once.
Cheating is ENCOURAGED.

$10 DOUBLE ANSWER: Wavering between two answers? Write them both down, and we’ll give you the points if one of them is correct. (maximum of 5)
$25 EXTRA HELP: Add an extra player to your team for each Extra Help cheat purchased.
$25 PHONE A FRIEND: Call a buddy at the end of the round and see if he/she can come up with the correct answer in 2 minutes. (maximum of 1 per round)
$40 THE SMART PHONE: Use your Crackberry, iPhone, or other smartphone for 2 minutes at the end of the round to search for an answer. (maximum of 1 per round)
$50 ASK THE QUIZMASTER: Get a hint from Johnny Goodtimes himself. We didn’t promise it would be helpful (but it probably will).