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Predictions for the Next Leap Year by Spells Tutoring Students
February 29th, 2012

Leap Day Predictions
by Vanessa, age 10

In four years, I would be fourteen years old, and in four years I think new things will be made, like pie flavored lip gloss. I don’t think many things are going to change. When I’m fourteen, I will work for Spells and practice driving, like sit down in a chair and act like I’m driving and read a book about driving.


Leap Day Predictions
by Dreana, age 10

Four years from now I will have a job (summer job).
I will be in 9th grade.
I will be going places without my mom.
I will read everyday.
I will be taking my mom out to eat and getting her what she wants.
I will take my brother wherever he wants to go.
I would love to draw.
I will be a grammar girl.
I will still be in school.

I think in the future you will get money every time you get a good grade.
There will be flying cars that don’t use gasoline. (These cars use air to fly.)
There will be phones/technology that can control your house when you’re not there. (Like call the phone to cook a chicken.)

I like to play with makeup and in four years I will be wearing it (sometimes).
I will wear nail polish all the time.

I’ll see you next leap year.


Leap Day Predictions
by Diwud, age 8

In four years, I will be twelve years old and I will work for my PopPop. I will be in school and learn everything they’ve got for me. I will look out for my family and all my homies will live with me.  And I’ll do my homework at spelling bee [aka Spells].


Leap Day Predictions
by Samaad, age 10

I think that phones will improve in four years. There will be new Dell computers that will be touch screens. Liz will have a flying car that looks cool. There will be more pictures that are about science. I will bring more books for us. There will be more books that give Spells more knowledge. I will be fourteen years old. There is going to be a difference about Spells, I know it. I will live on Diamond Street. My life will change. I will be more mature and things like that.


Leap Day Predictions
by Jamal, age 8

There will be electric cars.
You can watch TV on glasses.
I will be able to skateboard.
The phones will improve.
Liz will have a Mustang.
There will be sixteen more TV shows.
There will be electric chairs to massage you.
There’s going to be a new company.
There will be a better DS in 4D.
There will be better lamps that are so bright so you won’t be able to see.


Leap Day Predictions
by Haaziq, age 10

In four years, I will…

kiss girls.
go out without my parents.
wash cars (part-time job).
babysit my little sister.
do chores.
go to parties with my friends.
save money for a guitar
and a motorcycle.
be a wrestler at Paul Robeson.

That’s what I’ll be four years from now.


Leap Day Predictions
by Blessings, age 8

In four years, I will be twelve years old.
I will be a rock star.
I will be a billionaire.
I will be old enough to do my own hair.
I can go anywhere I want and I will have a car.
I will have a voice similar to Whitney Houston.
I will be living in New York City.
I will have a lot of friends.
People will want my autograph.
I will have a boyfriend with my complexion and hazel eyes. He will wear glasses, but not be a nerd, and dress nicely. Girls will want to be his girlfriend. We will be in a play (Romeo & Juliet).

The world will be different. People won’t be so mean and violent.