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Saturday, October 9
1–3 p.m.
at The Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street
Taught by Spells Writing Lab
For all ages

Mary DeWitt’s Pardon Me is a retrospective exhibition of over 20-years of portraits of woman sentenced to life without parole in Pennsylvania. DeWitt has returned to this portrait series throughout the years using various formats for her work: tile murals, large canvasses, reverse glass paintings, and most recently a video of her reverse glass portraits painting process with narrative and the women’s voices. DeWitt’s paintings are powerfully expressive images of incarcerated women who gaze directly at the viewer. She intends for us to consider the person first – apart from her circumstances – and to bring visibility to each woman’s life.

After touring the exhibition, we’ll brainstorm what it would be like to arrive back into society after many years away—whether after traveling to space, living in an isolated community, or hiding out underground. On Demand TV, the power of the internet, iPhones and Kindles—what would YOU make of all these innovations? We’ll explore these questions and imagine what we might find 20 years from now if we suddenly arrived on the planet.

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