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Sunday, April 21
1:30–3:30 p.m.
at Spells Writing Lab, 2526 N. Alder Street
Taught by Amanda Fernandez, Sara Gladwin, and Stacy Lee
For ages 7–12

Ever wanted to be a superhero—or a super villain? This is your chance! It’s superhero month at Spells, so celebrate by creating your own extraordinary persona to save (or wreck) the day! As we transform into our amazing alter egos, we’ll be answering questions such as: What special powers do you have?  What’s your “backstory”? What kind of mask (created through face paint) and costume would you design for yourself? And, most important, what would you promise the people—as a candidate for superhero-dom? Come write a story about what kind of superhero you would be—and get a makeover to match!